The Dynamics eCommerce module is a richly featured eCommerce solution that provides an “out of the box” web sales store that works directly with Microsoft Dynamics. For example additional products or price changes or “specials” entered in Dynamics NAV are instantly available on the web. The eCommerce module enhances the ability for consumers, resellers or salespeople to make sales fast using their latest approved pricing and taking account of specials and discounts applicable at the time. Any custom requirements not in the module can easily be accommodated and the look and feel can be adapted to enhance the customer experience and to suit your corporate branding.

Industry Challenges

Double entry of data for orders and purchases – Rekeying of data for all sales and purchase orders from a phone, fax or email order can be time consuming and often result in incorrect ordering. All of this adds up to wasted man hours each month.

Retaining Customers in an increasingly competitive market – Customers are increasingly looking for more convenient ways to do business, especially online. As more and more businesses realize this, there is a growing push for the convenience of an online portal to business.


Hands-on Systems e-Commerce Module has been built to directly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. Purchasing online with multi-tiered product grouping is supported with a familiar Shopping Trolley interface. Existing business customers can also access customer specific pricing, the status of their orders along with their invoice and payment history and even generate account statements directly from the website.

Sales orders generated on the website are sent directly securely into Dynamics for standard processing with high level error checking and validation. Secure payment gateways can easily be integrated to allow for casual non-account customers to purchase online. Items and pricing are sent directly from within Dynamics meaning that companies can manage all inventory for sale from a familiar Dynamics interface.

Sales force functionality exists to allow for secure ordering online on behalf of customers. This opens up the solution to a mobile sales force and sales agents.

Written in ASPX .NET, the module is highly configurable and can be customised to incorporate any client’s specific requirements as well as align with the client’s own web-site and pre-existing branding.

Benefits to the industry

A clean, effective and easy to use sales channel

A faster, easier and more effective way for more people to access the right information and to place orders where and when they need to.

Secure access anywhere

Wherever people are they can access the web site securely to make sales and check the status of existing orders and stock levels. This enables customers to place orders more often and with confidence that the data entered including their personal details, is secure.

Standard features are available “out of the box”

The features you expect in an eCommerce web site are available “out of the box” enabling a very short deployment timeframe. Feature such as flexible product categorization, favourites, alerts, special pricing, stock availability, order tracking, invoices and statements are at your fingertips.

Apply your own corporate style

Each organization has their own way to provide the best experience for their customers. The eCommerce module uses a template-driven .NET framework so that web sites can be personalized to suit the branding requirements of any organization.

Better data means more time is available to focus on business issues

Because customer information is available on the web there will be a reduction in both customer telephone enquiries and the need for manual order placement. This reduces paperwork and time expenditure leaving staff to focus on business intelligence and the analysis of sales results and trends. This will ensure that sales are maximised as the best mix of

Hands-on Systems expertise and experience

Hands-on Systems have been developing eCommerce solutions for our clients for over a decade. Our solutions have helped customers sell everything from computers, bicycles, kitchens to stationery. The last ten years have allowed us to continually add rich features to make our solution an industry leader.

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