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How Zoos South Australia Use Skype For Business To Achieve Their Goals

How Zoos South Australia Use Skype For Business To Achieve Their Goals

There is a lot of technology out there, masses of software, apps and devices are provide endless opportunities. But how does one take best advantage of these technologies. The answer is creativity.

Zoos South Australia have a commitment to education and conservation. They use Skype for Business not only to communicate and collaborate with one another across their two different parks; Adelaide and Monarto, but to the general public.

With Skype for Business they are able to bring the Zoo to people, who couldn’t reach it before like school children in remote locations.

But they’ve also started using Skype for Business on their big screens around the parks, providing a fascinating behind the scenes look in what goes on caring for animals.

On the day it was first demonstrated, it attracted an enormous crowd including zoo staff.

“People were, quite simply, astounded at what we were doing – taking a simple technology and using it in a creative way. The whole zoo was buzzing,” said CIO Ashlen Naicker.

Skype for Business has also played a crucial role in combining the conservation – or “cute and cuddly” – aspects of Zoo South Australia with the business side of the organisation. For instance, it’s become a way to cross-promote the two zoos. Adelaide Zoo is well known, but Monarto Zoo is much less famous. In order to address this, Ashlen organised for a zoo keeper at Monarto to connect, via Skype for Business, to a big screen at Adelaide Zoo to demonstrate the attractions at Monarto. Popular animals such as cheetahs roamed around Monarto and patrons from Adelaide were immediately excited.

On the day that Monarto Zoo broadcast to Adelaide Zoo, the CEO was busy fielding requests from customers on how they could get to Monarto and how they could buy memberships.

Microsoft technologies now touch every part of their Zoos SA organisation. From using Microsoft Dynamics to manage their financials, reporting HR and inventory and running it on Microsoft SQL Server, to Exchange for emails, to Sharepoint for collaboration.

Using technology in a creative way has allowed Zoos South Australia to educate more people, create better customer relationships and reduce running costs, thanks to Skype for Business integration with their telephone systems.

Learn more about Skype for Business here, including how to upgrade from Lync and the Skype for Business Server or talk to us today. 

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