Microsoft Dynamics for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is still a major engine in today’s economy. The fundamental success factors in this industry remain constant: produce the right products—in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay. However, flexibility and continuous improvements are also imperative.

With the globalisation of supply chains and with increasing customer demand for innovation and lower costs, manufacturers today need easy-to-use, flexible solutions to stay relevant and more effectively manage their business.

Success includes the flexibility to respond to emerging markets, such as today’s growth opportunities in China and Eastern Europe, and to the ever-changing needs of the customers. Capitalising on these opportunities and demands involves quickly adapting to new approaches, trading partners, procurement and sub-contracting strategies.

The innovative and scalable Microsoft Dynamics solution is an end-to-end and fully integrated business management system for manufacturers. It works like and with familiar Microsoft software you already know and use including Microsoft Office Windows, Outlook, Excel and SharePoint. It is highly suited to and praised by Australian businesses as it is fast to deploy, simple to use and its low cost to buy, run, and support.

Microsoft Dynamics Solution for Manufacturing helps businesses:

  • Transform planning and operations. Improve your capabilities by responding rapidly to customer demand, and get the tools to lower your operational costs.
  • Drive innovation. Help grow your business by addressing constantly evolving customer needs.
  • Enable speed and agility. Improve capabilities to compete in the global market and customer loyalty.
  • Empower people. Inspire action through operations intelligence.



Business Benefits

The Microsoft Dynamics solution for Manufacturing is strong in planning and managing manufacturing sites with Discrete, Process, Design-To-Order, Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, Mixed Mode and Lean Manufacturing. Key benefits include:

  • Easier control of raw material and resource planning
  • Ability to track cost of material and labour
  • Possibility to integrate CAD/CAM solution(s)
  • Ability to plan and track sub-contracting work
  • Low training cost of personnel due to familiar look and feel
  •  It provides staff on the ground with the ability to directly enter the consumption of material and use of time to make the products
  • Delivers strong business intelligence reporting to managers.
  • With Microsoft Dynamics, you can deploy software modules as you need them including customer and supplier management, sales, inventory and purchasing, production (planning, scheduling, job costing – material and labour), warehouse and distribution, warranty and services, reporting, payroll and HR, with all the financial implications of these processes being captured automatically.


  • Material Requirements Planning including sub-contracting, procurement planning taking into account your finite loading of resources and work centres.
  • Resource planning takes load across production work orders and job (project orders) into account.
  • Master Production Scheduling including netting of forecast
  • Capable to Promise and Available to Promise for Make-to-Order environments
  • Product design management with BOM, Routing version management and pro-active management of exchange of parts.
  • Full service management; setting up and controlling service parts, contracts orders and scheduling service engineers.
  • An add-in feature called the Visual Production Scheduler is popular amongst manufacturers as it allows you to see production orders, due dates, resource workloads, bottlenecks and provides you with interactive drag and drop functionality so you can take corrective actions with simple mouse clicks

Our Experience

KPMG Hands-on Systems has over 30 years experience providing solutions to the manufacturing industry. Take a look at our client case studies to see how other companies have benefited from working with us. Our dedicated team can discuss your requirements and how our industry solution can fit your business needs, talk to us today.

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