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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Social Media Analysis

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Social Media Analysis

We live in a socially connected world. Social media has changed the way we communicate, shop and praise and unfortunately complain. Consumers now have more access to information, can start their own discussions, praise products and services or vent their frustrations within 140 characters. Yes we’ve all seen those nightmare customer complaints go viral on our newsfeeds and in our nightly news bulletins. Huntsman spiders in pre-packed salad? That’s no longer an urban legend, that’s etched into thousands of customers’ brains thanks to social media, customers who will never look at high-protein washed mix the same again.

So it’s important for every organisation to be socially aware and present- but how do you cut through the billions of posts, tweets, grams or pins everyday? You need a little help with the heavy lifting- a social media analysis tool can cut through the noise and take the work out of your work.

Microsoft Social Listening is powerful media analysis tool that can tell you what your customers are saying about your business, products and services and your competition.

Microsoft Social Listening integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and allows you to:

  • Listen: monitor social media posts, hashtags, and keywords.
  • Analyse: analyse the posts and understand sentiment and consumer intentions to buy.
  • Engage: you can then add these users right into CRM, raise a ticket and ensure they receive the best customer service possible.

Take a look at the video below with the new features of the latest version of Microsoft Social Listening. Transforming your social media presence from reactive to proactive.

The right social media analysis tool can help you identify potential new markets, possible competitive threats and business opportunities. And although the machine learning and analytics may not be powerful enough to stop a bad customer experience- it gives your team the tools to deal with any spotfires before they turn into a wildfire of negative word of mouth.

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