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Providing outstanding customer service is crucial for any organisation that wants to differentiate themselves from their competition and build customer loyalty.  Customers expect omni channel service at all times- whether it’s from self service, assisted service, or onsite service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the capabilities that can help your service team deliver personalised and consistent service across all channels. Thanks to machine learning, IoT and analytics you can achieve greater efficiently, achieve greater adaptability, and glean insights in your customer service efforts.

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Microsoft Dynamics Field Service

Providing first class field service is no easy feat. Managing customer service, logistics, resources and keeping customers happy means you need to bring the right people, with the right skill set, to the right place at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service keeps your customer in the center of your business while ensuring maximized efficiency and minimized costs through smart scheduling and optimised resource allocation.

With Field Service you can schedule dispatch teams, service parts and asset management, track inventory, manage work orders and send notifications. Of course as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on, Field Service is designed to be used by your mobile workforce, both on and offline.

By providing one source of all customer information and automating your processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your serve your customers better and cut your service costs.

Assisted Service

Assisted service is a vital piece of the customer service puzzle, sometimes online portals just won’t do. Your customers need expert advice- and that’s when it’s crucial that each member of your team acts a brand ambassador and leaves the best impression possible.

With a single source of customer information, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your organisation work like a network- and harness shared knowledge to solve problems faster.

Interactive Service Hub Dashboards give the information that your service team need to solve customer problems quickly, and helps your management track and monitor service levels. While SLA management, workflows and customer service recommendations help you to provide a differentiated level of support.

Self Service

Today’s customers want to be able to solve their own problems and answer their own questions. In a January 2016 study it was found that 84% of online consumer use web or mobile self service. That means businesses need to provide consistent, clear, easy to find and updated solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can take that one step further, with personalized information for every customer. And it’s not just for websites, self service portals can be localised on product and Facebook pages, or embedded within kiosks and games- making these everyday touchpoints a customer service opportunity.

Project Services

Project Service is an end to end solution which helps your sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects. In Project Service you can create quotes (fixed price or time and materials), set labour rates, create invoices, create project templates, and manage resources, predict timing and invoice customers.

One source of all your project information ensures your information is accurate and your entire team is informed. As team members join the project, they become automatically added to an office 365 group where they have access to all meetings conversations, files and notes.

Mobile applications means Calendar and expense and time recording is at your team’s fingertips.

Services Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you identify trends, anticipate opportunities and gain powerful insights into customer behavior and agent productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has in-built Machine learning capabilities that can identify patterns customer problems and make recommendations on how to solve them.  Your service team can then provide feedback on the suitability of these recommendations. Machine learning then uses the feedback for recommendations in the future. That’s the beauty behind Machine Learning, the more you use it and provide feedback, the more accurate it becomes. Welcome to the future of customer service.

IoT and Machine Learning: The Future of Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has your omni channel service covered today, but has the potential to cover you for the future. What if you could transform your customer service from reactive to predictive. With Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning you have the ability to predict a breakage before it happens. It’s the future of customer service- you can read more about it here.

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Microsoft Dynamics Partner KPMG Hands-on Systems

KPMG Hands-on Systems specialise in the supply, implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as the range of integrations like Social Media Engagement Tools, Services and more.

With over 30 years’ experience providing end-to-end ERP business solutions our dedicated team can discuss pricing, your requirements and how Microsoft Dynamics Service can fit your business needs. Find out more about us here.

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