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Building Great Things with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Building Great Things with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Saqib Shaikh is a Microsoft engineer, who lost his sight at the age of 7. Using the powerful APIs built into Microsoft’s Cognitive Services platform, Saqib created Seeing AI. Seeing AI is a Microsoft research project that helps people who are visually impaired or blind to better understand who and what is around them.

Seeing AI is based on top of Microsoft intelligence APIs, a tool that allows users to leverage powerful algorithms with just a few lines of code. Microsoft Cognitive Services and the intelligence capabilities scale across a large variety of use cases, providing capabilities such as emotion recognition, facial detection, and automatic content moderation.

Many organisations have already taken advantage of the intelligence of Microsoft Cognitive Services. Uber, uses the facial detection API to increase driver security. Periodically, Uber drivers have to take a selfie which is compared to the driver’s selfie that is kept on file. Microsoft Cognitive Services makes this a fast and frictionless process.

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