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Dynamics 365 Customer Story: AccuWeather

Dynamics 365 Customer Story: AccuWeather

Checking the weather forecast has become second nature in our lives. Do we need to bring an umbrella today? Or will training be cancelled? Or how will the weather be on our wedding day? That’s where AccuWeather comes in, it’s the world’s largest and fastest growing weather company providing up-to-the-minute updates for 3 million locations worldwide. AccuWeather have to respond to a staggering 17 billion data requests every day. That’s one of the reasons they chose a technology platform including Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 to gain real-time intelligence in weather patterns across the globe. 

And it’s not just important for someone’s wedding day, accurate weather reports can have a big impact on business and even save lives. AccuWeather is the biggest provider of lifesaving weather information, and helps other business (including 240 out of the Fortune 500) make important decisions each day.

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365, AccuWeather’s global analysts and sales teams have current customer and financial information at their fingertips. “With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service the business intelligence lag has shifted from weeks to days, and now it’s moving toward real time,” says Chris Patti, Chief Technology Officer at AccuWeather. And that’s the challenge of weather, it changes every minute.

Real-time information is only piece of the puzzle, AccuWeather have decided to implement Dynamics 365 Operations and will go live in January 2017. Thanks to machine learning, it will help them track the relationship between weather and sales more efficiently and accurately. With Dynamics 365, AccuWeather is taking business intelligence a step further. “Microsoft Dynamics 365 does something really interesting, in that it combines CRM and ERP solutions with Power BI and provides that built-in intelligence,” says Patti. “Being able to look at sales  data, revenue information, and bring in custom content gives us real-time guidance for business decisions, when before it was an extremely manual effort. Now, everything is in one spot, and it opens up the world to our remote sales force.”


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