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What is Dynamics 365: Meet The Latest Member of the Dynamics Family

What is Dynamics 365: Meet The Latest Member of the Dynamics Family

Days before the annual World Partner Conference, Microsoft have announced a new product; Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 will combine the capabilities of Dynamics ERP and CRM with PowerBI, analytics, reporting and IoT in a packaged cloud product on Microsoft Azure. The latest release will be a new addition to the Dynamics product range and will not be a replacement to Dynamics AX, NAV or CRM. But industry watchers say the release will directly compete with Salesforce and Oracle.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella describes Dynamics 365 as a disruptor in the market. It’s a consumer centric model that helps users break down big data silos into insights and business information. Here’s what else he said:

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Helps organizations move from monolithic application suites to purpose-built, SaaS applications with intelligence built in.

Integrates Microsoft Office 365

Introduces a disruptive and customer centric business model to build what you want and buy just the capabilities you need, while ensuring all roles have access to all the data they need to be successful in their jobs.

Dynamics 365 and Project Madeira:

Last week we blogged about the other new kid on the (Dynamics) block- Project Madeira. Powered by NAV, Madeira was touted to be an entry level Dynamics product for SMBs. Now we can confirm that Madeira will be encompassed by Dynamics 365. Like Project Madeira, 365 will feature tight integration with Office 365; giving users the ability to draw customer information and create invoices without having to leave their email.

Dynamics 365 and AppSource:

Also like Project Madeira, a big feature of Dynamics 365 will be apps. Users will be able to go to Microsoft’s newly minted app marketplace called AppSource and download a range of applications to suit their specific needs. AppSource has already launched, and features apps from current Microsoft ISV and Partners, and Microsoft have hinted this number is only going to grow with apps from third party and even rivals like SAP.

In AppSource users will be able to choose solutions for business areas including finance, field service, sales, marketing and customer relationship management.  Or they can log in and find industry specific options like Annata IDMS for heavy machinery and equipment management. For more on AppSource watch the video above.

Dynamics 365 Pricing

There are no set pricing plans yet. But Microsoft have hinted that there will be two models come the Spring launch. There will be a “Business” option for SMB and SME, and a “Enterprise” solution for larger deployments. It was also reported that Dynamics 365 will come with position specific packages or features- tailored for your CIO, Sales staff or Marketing Executive. Microsoft are set to release new information about the new product at WPC- so make sure you’re following KPMG Hands-on Systems to learn more and never miss an update.

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