Microsoft Dynamics for Community Care

Meeting the needs of citizens in areas such as child and family services, employment, disability, housing and community is one of the great challenges in Australia today. Delivering effective human and social services reform and improving citizen outcomes requires collaboration and deep skills across governments, not-for-profit organisations and private sector service providers.

The Consumer Directed Care reforms are a fundamental shift for many providers. Thriving in the market-based system will require fresh thinking, new technology and alternative ways of working to meet the needs of our ageing population.

How you react to the change in funding, delivery models and participant support is a challenge for any business in the industry. This, coupled with limited IT infrastructure, can quickly lead to frustrations for staff and customers alike.

Business Benefits

Imagine a solution in your business that could assist in:

  • Providing a single location for all your customer information.
  • Delivering an improved customer experience from initial enquiry and throughout the entire service delivery lifecycle.
  • Ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time, providing the support your customers have requested in line with their needs and preferences.
  • Ensuring that payment claims and invoices are generated by automating billing processes based on support agreements and service delivery effort and evidence.
  • Maximising the time spent with customers through efficient management of staff assignments and scheduling, and ensuring carer/customer compatibility.
  • Managing business processes from start to finish, through automatic workflow notifications so you can keep track of approvals and automatically sending out notifications to the appropriate people.
  • Helping you make more informed decisions by providing reporting capabilities relevant to you and your management team.

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• Workflow and notifications so you know where a given process is at any given time.
• A flexible security model that can be aligned to most sector / regional based models with the ability to control access to sensitive customer records without a huge administrative burden.
• Configurable reports and dashboards to present relevant and timely information based on quality data, so management can make informed decisions
• A workforce mobility option for Android, iOS and Windows devices, making your teams more productive in the field.
• A cost effective cloud based approach that can scale with you as your business grows

Our experience

To help leaders navigate the challenges of individualised funding, deregulation, and increased consumer choice our specialists can support you through a range of services, such as:

  • Leveraging a variety of Sector IT Services, independently or as part of a broader business transformation, to assist organisations to respond to these changes and deliver increased customer engagement and improved productivity.
  • Developing an IT Strategy that can underpin the business changes being driven by the NDIS and person-centred support, and leverage new technology such as mobile and cloud.
  • Reviewing and recommending improvements to the existing IT operating model to drive agility and responsiveness through mobile devices.
  • Reviewing and recommending improvements to the application and infrastructure landscape to address gaps in capability (e.g. in security, application development, core systems and infrastructure).
  • Assisting organisations to manage their data more effectively, addressing compliance concerns and driving improved business insights (e.g. collection of customer data by establishing new or improved data governance practices, facilitating longer-term monitoring and evaluation of customer outcomes
  • Undertaking a technology-enabled process diagnostic to identify key challenges in the delivery and administration of disability support and how these can be alleviated with technology.
  • Using KPMG’s knowledge of key industry challenges and suppliers in the market to assist organisations with the evaluation and selection of potential accelerated technology application system(s).
  • Deploying a pre-configured Field Service Solution (built on Microsoft Dynamics) to quick-start the implementation of a technology approach that enables the new business operations required

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