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Australian Pork

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Australian Pork

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Company Background

Australian Pork

Australian Pork Limited (APL) is an industry association, founded in 2000 to further the interests of Australia’s 2000 pig farmers. Based in Canberra, the organisation conducts research on behalf of its members, markets Australian pork to consumers, and informs policy and decision-making by representing pig-producer interests to state and federal governments.

Like many small organisations, APL started life without any single method for storing information or tracking communications. Staff members kept records and data on spreadsheets or on paper files, or installed their own third-party applications to suit specific needs. As the organisation grew, knowledge-sharing became increasingly reliant on personal, one-to-one contacts, communication with farmers involved manual form filling and were logged individually. 

APL needed to replace these disparate systems with one integrated IT solution that its small workforce could manage and its large number of stakeholders could access, including farmers and marketers.

The Solution

KPMG Hands-on Systems implemented a combined CRM and web portal built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The new system contains workflows which automate existing processes. KPMG Hands-on engaged a web design agency to create an easy-to-use web portal so farmers had secure, remote access to Australian Pork research material. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM that created new capabilities,

“We devised a system to track all livestock movements from farm to abattoir,” says Dimtri Nearhos, Lead Consultant. “Farmers and distributors assign serial numbers to each consignment of pigs and enter origin and transportation data in the portal with the help of workflows.”

Additional customisations allow staff to send email, execute mail merges and use email templates from within the CRM, so member addresses don’t have to be manually copied into Microsoft Outlook. KPMG Hands-on Systems used their offshore solution centre to help build the platform, and the new CRM system went live on schedule in June 2013.

The Benefits

1) More detailed access to industry knowledge- with the Microsoft Dynamics portal and database, APL employees have immediate access to all the industry information collected by colleagues.

2) Improved Data accessibility- the familiar and intuitive Microsoft interface made it easy to retrieve information and generate reports, allowing decision makers to research policy ideas more quickly. 

3) Increased productivity- because workflow automation has reduced the amount of time employees spend on routine jobs. All information from outside audits is entered straight into the CRM portal, and then workflows auto-generate the certificates and send them out. Eliminating the need to manually create mail merges.

Why Australian Pork chose KPMG Hands on-Systems?

Australian Pork Limited chose KPMG Hands-on Systems because the were able to deliver the product with the necessary customisations that met their needs, with an easy to use interface,”The Dynamics solution proposed by KPMG Hands-on Systems, would give us the best capabilities our budget could afford,” says James Battams APL Policy Analyst

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